Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome To The Family

Good Morning.

I'm glad you've stumbled across our little safehouse here. I am the (self proclaimed) Ginter Godfather. There seems to be a niche for (mostly) Allen & Ginter collectors such as myself, and I thought I'd step up and grab the reigns of this unique and exciting position and hopefully become a hobby subject matter expert on the topic. I certainly hope you'll join me on this undertaking, either on one or two steps or maybe every step of the way.

We'll start this blog off right with our first hobby box break of 2011 Allen & Ginters.

Isn't it a thing of beauty? We'll be opening approximately one pack per day, coinciding with a form of behavior modification in an attempt to change my lifestyle for the better. But I don't want to bore you with the boring stuff, we'll get right to the break.

Box Toppers:

N43 Card - Ubaldo Jiminez, Colorado Rockies

State Relic Card - Utah #42/50

So we hit a one-per-case box topper with the state of Utah relic, a great way to start off the box. The N43 card was a little disappointing, but you can't really use it to discount the state of Utah. 42 IS this Godfather's favorite number, so it gets extra bonus points for having the best possible number.

Pack #1:

Base Card #9 - Joe Saunders

Base Card #168 - Carlos Marmol

Base Card #188 - Daniel Descalso (RC)

Base Card #243 - Mike Nickeas (RC)

Base Card #275 - Justin Verlander

Base Card #294 - Jacoby Ellsbury

Mini Card #78 - Luke Scott

Hometown Heros #90 - Ryan Howard

So after the great start with the box toppers, the first pack was a bit of a let down. Two Rookies and no Minnesota Twins. Lets hope tomorrow has something a little better.

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