Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 2 - Recap

Good morning.

It's another glorious day here at the Ginter Hideout. But you probably don't want to hear too much other than what cards I pulled. Without further ado!

Pack #2:

Base Card #77 - Rafael Furcal

Base Card #140 - Felix Hernandez

Base Card #270 - Kevin Youlkis

Base Card #284 - Eric Jackson

Base Card #312 - Cody Ross

Hometown Heros #47 - Jose Tabata

Baseball Highlight Sketch #11 - Trevor Hoffman

No Number Regular Back Mini Card #128 - Michael Cuddyer

Alright! This pack is a huge improvement over yesterday's pack. We're running strong on the base cards and got our first insert, a Baseball Highlight Sketch of Trevor Hoffman breaking the 600 save mark, which has never been done before. Excelent.

On top of that, we have a Michael Cuddyer mini. Our first Twins card, and a mini no less! But wait, there's MORE! A closer examination of the back reveals that the card number 128 is missing! What could this possibly mean!?

According to sources online, some variation of minis has a limited print of no-number parallels limited to 50 cards per variation. This is indeed a rather lucky pull! The pack itself does not express odds of a regular backed mini no number, but the odds of an A&G back no number is approximately 1:417. I'm not saying they correlate in any way, I'm just giving it as a reference.

So this pack is much improved and I look forward to tomorrow's pack!

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