Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simulacra of the Seas

Having not much else to do, I wanted to come up with an insert for a future Allen & Ginters set. Not wanting to overlap too much with the 2010 Mini Insert Set 'Sailors of the Seven Seas', I wanted to find a way to put my personal hero and favorite naval leader of all time on a card: Stephen Decatur.

So I set out first to find a name. I settled on 'Simulacra of the Seas' to continue on with Ginter's tendancy towards fancy and obscure words. This would be another mini-insert set, but primarily focuses on subjects that had an exceptional talent for naval tactics and prowess on the high seas. Here's who I have for a 15-card insert...

Simulacra of the Seas

Stephen Decatur
Horatio Nelson
Yi Sun Shin
Heihachiro Togo
David Glasgow Farragut
Tran Hung Dao
John Paul Jones
Gaius Duilius
George Dewey
John Barry
Niels Iuel
Michiel de Ruyter
Henry Morgan
Francis Drake
Oliver Hazard Perry

If you don't know who any of these people are, I strongly recommend you go ahead and look them up on Wikipedia. Some of them are truly fascinating and their contributions to naval history is unprescendented. In my opinion, they truly represent the best of the best and are the Simulacra of the Seas.

Think there is someone else that should be added or removed from the list? Leave a comment!

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