Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Ginter Day 2016!


I bet you thought, "Boy, that Ginter Godfather guy really dropped the ball. Again. What else is new, besides no new posts from him in 3 weeks?" Well duh, but I managed to get a post in now before the end of the month. That counts as a success, or at least my therapist would say to count it as a success!

In reality though, between losing power for three days sandwiched in between both boys running actual fevers (one on one side of the power outage, the other after power restored... naturally the one that consumes digital media, i.e. power, got sick right before and during so good luck getting a sick kid to rest quietly on the couch when he's used to being able to watch his favorite show and learn about some nifty creature!) and a host of other fun life-esque events, July kind of vanished. That's OK, because today is...

GINTER DAY! Happy Ginter Release Day!

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to release Ginter on a Friday is an idiot.

If UPS is late in delivery, no Ginter until Monday. Nice. Way to go. Gold star for you! Or not.

Also, retail is going to be a week out from that too, so not even a blaster to tide me over. Oh well.

The box breaks thus far have looked OK. I do feel the need to warn people that a disturbing trend of hits being distributed along the horizontal axis (i.e. in a single row of packs across the box... so one guy had all three hits be the top three packs... the top pack in each of the three columns? I hope you get the idea...) could lead to unscrupulous card shop owners swiping the packs or unscrupulous customers swiping the hits and leaving a hit-less box for someone else to finish off. I mean, I love Ginter enough that the product is good enough without hits, but I know some people are hits-driven, so be forewarned! I would strong recommend just opening sealed boxes on this one!

Also, Gint-A-Cuffs VIII has opened for sign-ups and begins August 1st! Head on over to Mr. Aubrey's blog to sign up! It's free to enter (albeit you provide your own box... but you're opening one anyways... so blog about it!) and you could win a prize. #WINNING!

Alright. I did want to drop the customary Happy Ginter Day post and let people I'm not dead. I'll have a more robust posting later. Cheerio!