Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time to Engineer a W...

So, there are a few simple joys in life. Coffee. Being a parent. Making up African countries. Engineering. And you know who is the biggest, baddest, most awesome engineer of the present day? This guy:

Number 90! Yes, Mr. Suh is a mechanical engineer, and his son, Ndamukong, holds a degree in construction management. I know, it isn't "technically" engineering, but look, construction and engineering go hand in hand. So he's an engineer in my book. He knows how to stomp the competition.

All jokes aside, I legitimately admire Suh and while disappointed he left the Lions, and very much feel he got a bad reputation that is entirely unwarranted.

On to the shenanigans! By my calculations, I have about 9 days to actually score my GAC 9 box and all that jazz. So, I shall do just that. But a quick life update, I PASSED PART 1 OF THE BOARD EXAMS I TOOK UPON MY LAST POST! WOO HOO!

Alright, celebration aside, lets get to work. Due to the Great Hobby Priceout of 2017, we opted to get only a single box of Ginter this year (our only hobby box this year...) and my lovely wife opened 12 packs and I opened 12 packs. It'll score as one box, but we'll have a Spousal Subscore to see who "wins" this year. (Hint: Me.)

On to the packs!

Pack 1 (wife's):
Ben Zorbist
Jorge Soler
Xander Boegarts
Chad Pinder
WAD - Derek Jeter (+2 WAD, -1 Yankee?)
Mini - Randy Johnson
Stephen Vogt (+1 SP)
Ken Griffey Jr.

Now, I'm no GAC Lawyer, but it would almost read as though the Yankee's Bane Modifier applies to base cards, minis, and hit cards only!? Hmmm... that can't be right. I must dock points anyways. Sorry wife.

Pack Total: +2
Wife Running Sub Total: +2
My Running Sub Total: +0
Box Running Total: +2

Pack 2 (Mine):

Rediscover Topps 1988 Pete O'Brien (+1 UCG)
Alex Reyes
Hunter Pence
Jacoby Jones
Willie Stargell (+1 SP)
Andy Katz
Troy Tulowitz
WAD - Buster Posey (+2 WAD, +2 Other Favorite Player)
Mini - World's Dudes - Newsboy Dude (+2 WD)

Now we're talkin'...

Pack Total: +8
WRST: +2
MRST: +8
Box Running Total: +10

Pack 3 (Wife's):

Garrett McNamara
Juan Segura
Hank Aaron
Matt Olson
Jesse Winker
Ardolis Chapman (-1 Yankee Scum)
Revolutionary Battles - Battle of Lexington (+2 RB)
Mini - Didi 'Freaking' Gregorious (-1 Yankee Dirtbag)

Well, she's batting 100% on opening a Yankee in each pack... so there's that?

Pack Total: +0
WRST: +2
MRST: +8
Box Running Total: +10

Pack 4 (Mine):

Johnny Damon
Salvador Perez
Noah Snydergaard
Daniel Murphy
Luke Weaver
Garrett Richards
World's Fair - Monorail (+2 WF)
Mini - Magicians & Illusionists Harry Kellar (+2 M&I's)

Pack Total: +4
WRST: +2
MRST: +12
Box Running Total: +14

So, 4 packs in and we're at 14. That's an alright start, I suppose. No Marlins yet. I think our favorite team this year is the Marlins. I random'd it after removing the Yankees. Like you do. Going to go build with some Legos I think now. Until tomorrow, I hope!