Friday, September 26, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Round 4!

OK... some more fun times to be had! I think I'll condense this into 2 posts to meet the time limit. So... 6 packs of fun!

Pack 13:

Jedd Gyorko
Mike "Glub Glub" Trout
Adam Schefter
Carl Crawford
Worlds Capitals Buenos Aires, Argentina : +2
Full-Sized Relic of Austin "I'm also not a real champion" Weinerschke : +8 (I think)
Mini A&G Back Maria Gabriela Isler : +2

Pack Total: +12
Running Total: +89

Analysis: I believe I get full points for the Weinerschke relic. Since the rules specify BASE cards and MINIS are at a -1 disadvantage, and he is not a Yankee (though he really ought to be...) I believe I get full points. Correct me if I am wrong, Commish!

Pack 14:

Wade Boggs
Willin Rosario
Brett "I Hate Yankees" Gardner : -1
Craig Biggio : +2
Bob Gibson
Chuck Klosterman : +1
Worlds Capitals Taipei, Taiwan : +2
Mini of Judah Friederlanderlichihatethisguy

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +93

Analysis: Ugh, that Judah guy showed up again. I hate that guy. Also, weak pack. Not going to break 200 at this rate anymore. Be lucky to break 150!

Pack 15:

Andrew McCutchen
Fergie Jenkins
Patrick Corbin
George Kell
Fairs and Festivals Dia De Los Muertos : +2
Framed Mini-Relic of Jim Rice : +20
Mini Where Nature Ends - Sandro Botticelli : +3

Pack Total: +25
Running Total: +118

Analysis: Boom! Nice little pickup there. Those framed mini relics are about two per case, so yeah. Would have been nice to have gotten a FP or something out of it, but we'll take Mr. Rice!

Pack 16:

Snoop "Snoop-A-Loop!" Lion : -1
Derek "I'm Glad You're Retiring... YANKEE" Jeter : -1
Paul Molitor : +2
Justin Upton
Bert Kriescher
Rickey Henderson
Natural Wonders Moeraki Boulders : +2
BB Mini Gio Gonzalez : +4 (BB, FT)

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +124

Analysis: Wow, that was a volatile pack. More scoring cards than non-scoring cards. Naturally there are two negative cards in there. Yay.

Pack 17:

Wil Myers
Alex "Roid"riguez : -1
Rodger "Roid" Clemens
Justin Verlander
Chris Archer
Chris Carpenter
Fairs and Festivals Pingxi Lantern Festival : +2
BB Mini Lou Brock : +3

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +128

Analysis: I hate Alex Roidriguez. That is all.

Pack 18:

John "THE MAN" Sullivan : +1
Johnathan Schoop
Jordan Zimmerman : +1 FT
Dwight "Doc" Gooden
Jay Bruce
Salvador Perez
Air Supremacy V-22 Osprey : +2
Mini Trevor Rosenthal

Pack Total : +4
Running Total: +132

Analysis: At least I got a plane!

So that brings us to the 2/3rds point and into the home stretch... a LOT of scoring cards this round, so I might break it up into 2 pics. I guess I have a little hope left... 6 packs? Sure, we got this...

Obligatory Picture(s):

Also... it would appear as though my crap-relic didn't make it in the picture. You'll have to believe me... because... why would I lie and say I pulled that pile of junk if I didn't? ANYONE would be better than him... anyone...

Keep it in the family.


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