Friday, September 26, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Round 1!

Hello Ginter Mafia!

You may be going, "GG, where the eff have you been?" Never fear, I have been quitting my job, moving a few hundred miles away, starting a PhD program and a few other things. You know, nothing big yo.

But yeah, seriously, it has been a little crazy and I've barely had time to actually move let alone trade and unfortunately not do my Gint-A-Cuffs post yet. Well, a timely reminder phone call from my lovely wife ended with, "DO YOU GINT-A-CUFFS POST!" to which I replied, "Just eyeballing it I'm pretty sure I lost." And she said she didn't care. So here goes nothing.


Box Topper: The U.S. Capitol (+5)

Running Total: 5

Analysis: So... yeah. That's about as lousy of a box topper as one can get. Yeehaw. You can see my enthusiasm for this box of Ginter growing by the minute. The only redeeming factor is that my favorite team, the Washington Nationals, reside more or less at the U.S. Capitol. That should be worth bonus points, right?

Pack 1:

Jackie Robinson
Reggie Jackson
Anthony Rizzo
Pedro Martinez
Julio Tehran
Adam Wainwright SP : +2
PPs Troy Tulowitzki : +2
Mini Hal Newhouser

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +9

Analysis: Er, yeah. Fantastic start! I have avoided Yankees though, so I can say I'm 100% clean... for now. Yankees are the STDs of Ginter. The more packs you open, the more likely it is you're going to contract one. Yuck. There are no antibiotics for them, either!

Pack 2:

Michael Cuddyer
Andrew Lambo
Carlos "I suck so bad the Yankees had to sign me" Beltran : -1
Todd Frazier
Mike Napoli
Kyle Seager
World Capitals Jerusalem : +2
Mini Laura Phelps Sweatt

Pack Total : +1
Running Total : +10

Analysis: So, with this average of 2.5 points per pack, that will land us solidly in last place with a grand total of... less than 100. I am too ashamed to do math right now. Also, Yankees. Eww, what did I just say about Yankees?

Pack 3:

David "BIG PAPI" Ortiz
Jason "Not the Say Hey Kid" Heyward
Franciso Liriano
Mike Schmidt
Dan Straily
Barbed "WTF is this?" Wire SP : +2
PPs Justin Verlander : +2
Mini A&G Back Jered Weaver : +2
BB Mini Queen Victoria : +3

Pack Total: +9
Running Total: +19

Analysis: Ahhh, so its going to be one of THOSE boxes... where you get packs with multiple minis, then packs with no minis. I hate these boxes. I had a bunch of boxes like this last year! GRRRR! Feel the rage.... at least they were point-worthy minis.

Pack 4:

Matt Adams
Mariano "Didn't I Retire?" Rivera : -1
Brett Oberholtzer
Willie McCovey
Matt Besser
Tanner Foust : +1
Natural Wonders Giant's Causeway : +2
Mini Desmond Jennings

Pack Total: +2
Running Total: +21

Analysis: Right... so either it is going to be feast or famine. Lovely! BRING IT ON!

Obligatory Picture of Point Cards:

There we go, first post is up. The journey of 24 packs and a box toppers begins with a single post... THAT is some Gint-A-Cuffs wisdom you can take to the bank!

Keep it in the family.


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