Friday, September 26, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Round 3!

Aaaand we're back! Lets get to it! Spoiler: I get a hit.

Pack 9:

Tom Seaver
Josh Hamilton
Duke Snider
Mann Rameriz
World Capitals Athens, Greece : +2
Full-Sized Relic of Judah "... I got Nothin'" Friedlander: +8
Mini A&G Back Felicia Day : +7

Pack Total: +17
Running Total: +61

Analysis: Yeah, I'd like to point out that the lovely Queen of the Nerds is worth almost as much as that weird relic guy. Seriously, why is he in this product? I'm sure someone has heard of him and/or likes him... just not me.

Pack 10:

Wilmer Flores
Desmond "I have no number!" Jennings
Bryce "Atta Boy!" Harper : +1 FT
Al Kaline
Kevin Clancy
Willy Peralta SP : +2
PPs Joey Votto : +4 (PP, FP)
Mini Jose "Heck Freakin' Yeah!" Abreu

Pack Total: +7
Running Total: +68

Analysis: Yeah, now we're rolling. Plus, I really enjoy the Abreu mini. That's one expensive mini to have to buy...

Pack 11:

Laura Phelps Sweatt
Glen Waggoner
Clayton Kershaw
Eric Hosmer
Ryan "I'ma Cheater!" Braun
Allen Craig SP : +2
PPs Justin Masterson : +2
Mini A&G Back Jay Bruce : +2

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +74

Analysis: Wooo, on the way to over 100 points! We might make it kids!

Pack 12:

Steve Delabar
Greg Maddux
Iron Sheik : +1
Warren Spahn
Jason "Not Fidel" Castro
Justin Masterson
Fields of Yore Shea Stadium : +2
Ginter Code Card

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +77

Analysis: Well, I guess we know where that extra mini came from in that previous pack! Hah! Stupid packing errors...

Well, not bad for half way through the box. I have hope yet... or not. We still have 12 packs to go... a lot could happen! Or a lot could not happen. Who knows. You tell me! Or stick around and find out... something like that.

Obligatory Picture:

Check back tomorrow for the continuation!

Keep it in the family.


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