Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yo ho ho and a pack of lamesauce (Packs 13-16)

Well, things have been going fairly well so far. Lets see what kind of momentum we can keep up going into the second half...

Pack 13:

Jackie Robinson
Dexter Fowler
Joey Votto +2 Other FP
Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas
Across the Years: Chris Sale +2
Frame Miniature Autograph: Brian Kelly +10
Regular Mini: Jon Niese

Pack Total: +14

Running Box Total: +113

Well, there goes our last hit, and it is at least a very solid hit! Ink is pretty good, and it isn't some scrub baseball player. Not that some scrub Notre Dame coach is much better.

Pack 14:

This is bologna.

Rod Carew
Dustin Pedroia
Adam Jones
Dan "Ugh" Uggla
Brandon Beachy
Across the Years: Ryan Howard +4 (+2 AtY, +2 Other FP)
Regular Mini: Mike Schmidt

Pack Total: +4

Running Box Total: +117

HEY! Where the heck is my 8th card!? One awesome card, but I sense I'm missing an insert here.

Pack 15:

 Chris Sale
Ardolis Chapman
Frank Robinson
Nick Swisher
Ty Cobb
Martial Mastery: Vikings +3
Alex Rios SP +2
Regular Mini: Andre Ethier

Pack Total: +5

Running Box Total: +122

Well. It could be worse. I could be missing a card.

Pack 16:

Mike Minor
Justin Upton
Jared Weaver
Jacob Ellsbury
Andre Dawson
Across the Years: Dylan Bundy +2
A&G Ad Back Mini: Corey Hart +2

Pack Total: +4

Running Box Total: +126

AHHHHHH! TWO packs that are missing cards!? Are you effing serious!? I'm probably missing two Jon Jay cards or two inserts. This is absurd.

By far the most disappointing round simply because I'm missing cards. Ink is cool. I'm still missing cards.

Until next time, and even after that, keep it in the family.


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