Monday, August 19, 2013

If I'm missing another card I'm going to scream (Packs 17-20)

I'm still very disappointed that I am missing cards from previous packs. Why don't we just tie my hands behind my back and make me open the packs with my teeth? Wait, never mind, I don't need to give the Commissioner any ideas.

Pack 17:

Bobby Doerr
Eddie Murray
John Smoltz
Paul Goldschmidt
Albert Pujols
One Little Corner: Moon +3
Russel Martin SP +2
All in a Days Work Mini: Soldier +4

Pack Total: +9

Running Box Total: +135

Alright! A case hit mini! That is what I'm talking about! And it is a soldier at that! The Ginter Mafia grows! Mwuuahahahaha!

Pack 18:

Carlos Gonzalez
Bob Feller
Doug Fister
Josh Hamilton +2 Other FP
Tim Hudson
Eddie Murray
Across the Years: C.J. Wilson +2
Heavy Hangs the Head Mini: Cyrus the Great +3

Pack Total: +7

Running Box Total: +142

Hrm. You know, I get the sneaking suspicion that I've seen some of these guys before...

Pack 19:

Kris Medlen
Ian Kennedy
Howie Kendrick
Jason Heyward +2 Other FP
Phil Nierko
Civilizations of Ages Past: Babylonians +3
Yadier Molina SP +2
Base SP Mini: Kevin "Cravin' Eyeballs" Youkilis +2 (+3 SP mini, -1 Yankee)

Pack Total: +9

Running Box Total: +151

Woohoo! A solid pack, even with Kevin Youkilis rearing his ugly mug once again. Plus, I broke the 150 point barrier. Unlikely that I'll win, but hopefully I won't be in the bottom 2 again.

Pack 20:

Cecil Fielder
CJ Wilson
Tyler Skaggs
Dylan Bundy
Jon Lester
Martial Mastery: Samurai +3
Jason "I just won a tournament!" Dufner SP +2
Base Mini: Will Clark

Pack Total: +5

Running Box Total: +156

Huh. Well, maybe since I got a Dufner, I'll pull something incredible to propel me to victory in the home stretch!

Until then, keep it in the family.


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