Saturday, August 17, 2013

My dog ate all of the favorite players and Cardinals (Packs 9-12)

I'm getting a little unnerved by the lack of favorite players and Cardinals in this box. I think my dog snuck into the box, ate the cards, and then resealed the packs to factory condition. I also think this is one of those Curious Cases cards to be found somewhere in the set.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Pack 9:

Trevor Cahill
Mike Trout
Jeff Samardzija
Robin Ventura
Todd Frazier
One Little Corner: Neptune +3
Adam "OH MY GOD I FINALLY GOT A CARDINAL!" Wainwright SP +3 (+2 SP, +1 Favorite Team)
Black Bordered Mini: Edinson Volquez +3

Pack Total: +9

Running Box Total: +82

OK, so I think we may have disproved the conspiracy theory about my dog. But you never know. With a face like that, she may just be throwing us a bone to knock us off her scent. Heh, I'm punny.

Pack 10:

Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas
Bobby Doerr
Alfonso Soriano
Ernie Banks
Michael Brantley

Across the Years: Willie Stargell +2
Regular Mini: Willie Stargell

Pack Total: +4

Running Box Total: +86

Ouch, that one hurt. Not so much on the helping of the going up of the total box score. Damn that dog...

Pack 11:

Edwin Encarnacion
Derek Holland
Matt Moore
Lance Lynn +1 Favorite Team
Dan Haren
Civilizations of Ages Past: Vikings +3
Kevin "Cravin' Eyeballs" Youkilis SP +1 (+2 SP, -1 Yankee)
Codes, Cypers & Cryptographs: The Phastos Disc +3

Pack Total: +8

Running Box Total: +94

Well, we get a Cardinal, a Yankee, and some Vikings all in one pack. Boy oh boy.

Pack 12:

Colby Rasmus
Matt Harrison
Enos "I'm going to" Slaughter "Yankees"
Allen Craig +1 Favorite Team
Elvis Andrus
Ian Kinsler +2 Other FP
Across the Years: David "Big Papi" Ortiz +2
Regular Mini: Scott "Shine Bright Like A" Diamond

Pack Total: +5

Running Box Total: +99

Ungh! Just shy of 100 total points and we're halfway through. I expect things to slow down considerably here in the last half of the course, and hopefully we finish below par... or do we want to be above par, since low scores in Gint-A-Cuffs is bad?

As always, keep it in the family.


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