Thursday, August 15, 2013

And they're officially off! (Packs 1-4)

With the starting pistol sounded and the bullet missing the brain of every undead Yankee, Gint-A-Cuffs V has officially begun!

Ah crap, we lost George already...

Well, I've alluded to the fact I've already opened some of my packs. So without further delay, lets get to it! 
Cabinet Card: Mausoleum at Halicarnassus +5
Oh snap son, this place is brimming with Zombyankees waiting to eat your brains.
Running Box Total: +5
Pack 1:
John Smoltz
Paul Goldschmidt
Albert Pujols
Jackie Robinson
Dexter Fowler
Omar Infante SP +2
Palaces and Strongholds: Leeds Castle +3
Allen and Ginter Back Mini: Daryl Strawberry +2

Pack Total: +7

Running Box Total: +12

OK, so, we dodged any really horrible cards, but other than a mini and an insert, not so much on the positive side. Could have been a better start.

Pack 2:
Abe Vigoda +1
Ziggy Marley
Phil Heath
Matthew Berry
Nana Meriweather
Palaces and Strongholds: Summer Palace +3
David Price SP +2
Black Bordered Mini: Adrian Gonzalez +3

Pack Total: +9

Running Box Total: +21

Hey, this pack turned out pretty decent. Always good to get a bonus point from some guy named Abe Vigoda, and an insert, SP, and black bordered mini are nothing to shake a stick at.

Pack 3:
Fergie Jenkins
Duke Snider
Jim Rice
Frank Robinson
Across the Years: Jose Bautista +2
Full Sized Relic: Scott Rolen +10
Regular Mini: Evan Longoria

Pack Total: +12

Running Box Total: +33

Ugh. Almost blanked except for our first of three hits, and it was a weak hit at that. Was hoping for a Jon Jay relic or bat, or a Cardinals, or a printing plate, or a Pee Wee Herman DNA Relic, or something. At least it wasn't part of  Robinson "Eat Yo Brains" Cano's entail-stained pants or anything!

Pack 4:
Mike Richter
Grand Central Terminal
Bobby Bowden
Jordan Zimmerman
Across the Years: Robinson "Eat Yo Brains" Cano +1 (+2 for AtY, -1 for Yankee)
Framed Miniature Relic: Jared Weaver +10
Short Print Mini: Rickey Henderson +3

Pack Total: +14

Running Total: +47

Bleh. I'm not mentioning anymore Zombyankees by name. Then they'll pop out of these delightful wrappers and try and eat me.

That wraps up the initial unwrapping. Current box total is +47, with a projected total of (+42 from packs, divided by 4 packs, times 24 total packs, +5 from the cabinet card) +257. I can guarantee you that won't happen, that would imply I get 12 hits in the box or get crazy mad inserts and favorite players and stuff. Not. Happening.

Lets keep this in the family.


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  1. I think instead of "Oh snap son", the interjection you were looking for was "Zoinks!"