Sunday, September 30, 2018

Oh the futility... GAC X!

Once upon a time, there was a box of 2018 Ginter. It was awful. The end.

If only it were that easy. After utterly failing to score the entirety of my box LAST year, I did vow to actually score it this year. Despite it being awful. I'm not even kidding how awful it is. I may be going to a new GAC record for lowest score ever. Yankees seemed plentiful, hits seems... not good. On the plus side, I am fairly proficient in the art of diagnostic x-ray generation and stuff. Yay for residency! To quote the major motion picture The Martian with a slight adaptation, "We're going to <math> the <explitive> out of this." Onward to failure!

So, this year we selected Brian Dozier as our favorite player. Literally as he was traded. I had already selected Brian Dozier as my favorite player but didn't post it, then he got traded, and I just opted to stick to my guns. Then the Twins sucked horribly this year. Welcome to professional sports in Minnesota not named the Lynx! That summarizes our choices at the start of GAC X. Lets get to the scoring!


BL-12 - Mark "I didn't use PEDs, I swear!" McGwuire - +4 pts

"Pack" Total: +4
Running Box Total: +4

Well, I can think of literally one box loader that could be worse. You may be thinking, "NO WAY JOSE!" and you'd be very literally correct. Jose would be worse. At least McGwuire isn't a jerkwad.

Pack 1:

Will Myers
Joey Votto
Christian Yelich
FSRA-RO - Full Sized Relic - Rougned Odor - +5
Fantasy Goldmine - Hideki Matsui - +1 (+2 FG, -1 Yankee)
Honus Wagner
Mini - Wil Meyer

Pack Total: +6
Running Box Total: +10

Eh. One hit down, two to go. First Yankee. This is an omen.

Pack 2:

Josh Bell
Mariano Riveria - +-1 (-1 Yankee)
Justin Blackmon
Magnificient Moons - Miranda - +2 MM's
Michael Brantley
Trevor Story
Nomar Mazara
Mini - BB John Smoltz - +4 BB Mini

Pack Total: +5
Running Box Total: +15

Eh. More Yankees. It's like my box is mooning me. Taunting, isn't that a personal foul? 15 yards? Maybe +15 points? Automatic first place? Nah? Ah well.

Pack 3:

Jose Abreu
Ameo Rosario
Bill James
Dansby Swanson
Lorenzo Cain
Andrew Stevenson
World's Greatest Beaches - Trunk Bay - +2 WGB
Mini - Gregory Polanco - +2 SP Mini

Pack Total: +4
Running Box Total: +19

Pack 4:

Addison Russell
Marcus Stroman
Claire Smith - +1 Commish's Awesomeness
Ender Inciarte
Raisel Iglesias
Eddie Rosario - +1 Favorite Team
BEA-30 - Vintage Uniform - +2 BEA
Mini - Flags of Lost Nations - Ottoman Empire - +3 FLN

Pack Total: +7
Running Box Total: +26

Wow, a pack better than one with a hit. What the heck? And no Yankees...

Time for a picture! To save on taking pictures because my photographer is expensive...

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