Sunday, September 30, 2018

GAC X Part 2

We're back with more GAC X. Breaking it up into bite-sized posts should help. Who knows. Maybe we can slow roll it. Only time... will tell...

Running Box Total: +26

Pack 5:

Jake Lamb
Paul Blackburn
Austin Rogers
Aaron Judge - +-1 (-1 Yankee)
World Talent - Freddie Freeman - +2 WT, Eh?
Home Run Hero - Manny Machado - +1 Home Run Challenge
Mini - Andrew Stevenson

Pack Total: +2
Running Box Total: +28

Canada, eh?

Pack 6:

Jay Bruce
Micky Delmonico
J.D. Martinez
Jackson Stephens
Biz Markie
Fernando Rodney - +1 Favorite Team
Magnificent Moons - Enceladus - +2 MM's
Mini - Folio of Fears - Claustrophobia - +3 FoF

Pack Total: +6
Running Box Total: +34

I swear, I didn't think these packs were remotely this decent. But if they're decent for me, they're more decent for other contestants.

Pack 7:

Mike Moustakas
Ryne Sandberg
Phil Coyne
Taijuan Walker
Yadier Molina
Dexter Fowler
Fantasy Gold - Don Mattingly - +1 (-1 Yankee, +2 FG)
Mini - Luiz Gohara A&G Back - +2 A&G Back

Pack Total: +3
Running Box Total: +37

That's more like it... Yankees!

Pack 8:

Trey Mancini
A.J. Pollock
Method Man
Gregory Polanco
Todd Frazier - +-1 (-1 Yankee)
Michael Rappaport
Magnificient Moons - Ganymede - +2 MM's
Mini - Carlos Martinez - +2 SP Mini

So. Funny story about Michael Rappaport. When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I was an extra in a movie starring him called The Naked Man. It's about a wrestler who's schtick is he wears a body suit that has no skin, hence the naked part. He was sick and shared his peanut M&M's with me. And my picture was taken and was in the paper. True story. I did not get the sickness from the M&M's though. Fun times.

Pack Total: +3
Running Box Total: +40

We're what, 1/3rd of the way through an at +40? Projecting out a total of +120!? That'as amaaaazing!

Here's the proof, which is allegedly in the pudding?

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