Sunday, September 30, 2018

GAC X Part 3

Running Box Total: +40

And we're back. As it turns out, this is going to be a giant numbers dump because I waited to the last second. Again. But with time winding down, we're GOING to put it all together. No more slacking for this Ginter Godfather!

Pack 9:

Mike Zunino
Lucas Sims
Kyle Seager
Cal Ripken Jr.
Glyber Torres - +-1 (-1 Yankee)
Chipper Jones
World Talent - Max Kepler - +3 (+2 WT, +1 Favorite Team)
Mini - Jose Berrios - +1 (+1 Mini Favorite Team)

Pack Total: +3
Running Box Total: +43

Two Twins? That's the number Twins ought to come in, you know.

Pack 10:

Manny Machado
Paul DeJong
Greg Maddux
Jesse Winker
Albert Pujols
Chris Taylor
World Talent - Manny Machado - +2 (+2 WT)
Mini - Sonny Frederickson

Pack Total: +2
Running Box Total: +45

More "Twins" if you will... couldn't he have been someone's favorite player? Help a guy out!

Pack 11:

Frank Thomas
Marcell Ozuna
Brandon Crawford
Joe Panik
Max Kepler - +1 (+1 Favorite Team)
Cameron Maybin
World's Greatest Beaches - Bondi Beach - +2 (+2 WGB's)
Mini - Black Bordered Joey Gallo - +7 (+4 BB Mini, +3 Any Favorite Player)

Pack Total: +9
Running Box Total: +54

I mean, black bordered minis are great... I guess.

Pack 12:

Brain McCann
Willie McCovey
Sean Manaea
Justin Verlander
Rougned Odor
Ted Willliams
World Talent - Brycer Harper - +4 (+2 WT, +2 Favorite Player List)
Mini - Khris Davis

Pack Total : +4
Running Box Total: +58

Well, we're halfway through the box. Revised projection is down to +110. If we break a hundred, I'll be amazed.

As required by the rules since I suck at bribes and haven't been excluded from them yet, here's proof, sans the pudding.

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