Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gint-A-Cuffs VII: Episode 4 (Revenge of the Yankees)

Guten Tag, Ginter Family!

I do not speak German. I'm just trying to spice things up. 

Ehhh? See what I did there? Cake in the last picture, a cupcake here? What can I say, E-3PO loves cake. But what little toddler-droid-thing doesn't. Back to Gint-A-Cuffs...

Previous Running Total: +79

Pack 13:

Mike Zunino #143 (I met this guy once. In Wichita of all places...)
Xander Bogaerts #94
Starting Points Hunter Pence (+2 SP)
Framed Mini Buyback Machiavelli (+4 Framed Mini Buyback)
Mini Jimmy Rollins #250
Howie Kendrick #91
Mike Napoli #338

Pack Total: +6

Running Total: +85

So, not terrible. Could be better. Broke that Yankees streak, so that's good! Also, I could have made BANK if the Red Sox were my favorite team... there are like four of them in there. Maybe only three. But still.

Pack 14:

Drew Hutchinson #181
Gus Malzahn #185
Chris Davis #170
Starting Points Coco Crisp (+2 SP of... cereal)
A&G Back Mini Joe Buck (+2 A&G Back, -1 Joe Buck-ness)
Jhonny Peralta #313
Ryan Zimmerman #290
Ichiro #285

Pack Total: +3

Running Total: +88

Well that pack was less than stellar. Oh well. What's wrong with Joe Buck, anyways? Who is Joe Buck? The world may never know...

Pack 15:

Carlos Gomez #166
Appomattox Court House #24
Mike Mills #37
Great Scott! X-Ray Diffraction (+2 Great Scott!)
First Ladies Mini Louisa Adams (+2 FL)
Clayton Kershaw #339
Nori Aoki #125
Wilmer Flores #4

Pack Total: +4

Running Total: +92

So, did you know that the reference to 1895 on the back of the X-Ray Diffraction card refers to the use of x-rays to find the fragments of a knife lodged in the spine of a sailor who got stabbed during a fight? Trufax. This is what an incredibly expensive education will teach you, folks. 

Pack 16:

Max Scherzer #42
Casey McGhee #74
Carlos Beltran #253 (-1 Yankee)
Kenley Jansen #296
Ancient Armory Flanged Mace (+2 for smashing a Yankee's skull in... I mean, AA)
BB Mini Jordan Zimmerman #290 (+3 BB mini)
Chris Carter #305
Buster Posey #173

Pack Total: +4

Running Total: +96

So. Didn't break a hundred through 16 packs. This is not looking good to make up 80 points here in eight packs. That's an average of OVER 10 points per pack. YOWZAHS. Damn Yankees.

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