Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gint-A-Cuffs VII : Episode 3 (The Card Wars)

Hola Ginter Familia,

Who doesn't love a good Pack Wars? By far one of my favorite things in Des Moines was the monthly Pack Wars. Lots of fun with a lot of good people. Alas, now I live in Minnesota. Closer to the Twins at least.

And who doesn't love more Gint-A-Cuffs. This is what I get for being busy and not getting this done right away. Here comes four posts in one day! (I don't count the previous post, because it was actually done minus the pictures on the same day as the first post...)

Previous Running Total: +55

Pack 9:

Felix Hernandez #16
Jon Jay #279
Brandon Finnegan #41
What Once Was Believed: Rain Follows The Plow (+2)
Mini Mikael Franco #27
Collin Cowgill #335
Grant Miller #79 (Did I miss the Ginter Code this year? Meh.)
Brian Quinn #299

Pack Total: +2

Running Total: +57

Right. So. Two points. It's like we're in the NFL, and I just tackled someone in their own end zone. Yay me.

Pack 10:

Edinson Volquez #224
Ian Kinsler #196
Jon Lester #287
Incredibeard #223 (+1 for having an incredible beard)
Starting Points: Kennys Vargas (+2 SP, +1 Favorite Team)
A World Beneath Our Feet Mini: Borneo Walking Stick (+2 AWBOF)
Stephen Drew #306 (-1, Yankee Jerkwad)
Kelia Moniz #93

Pack Total: +5

Running Total: +62

So, not awful. It would be better if that Yankee hadn't reared his ugly head. Don't I have clone troopers to shoot his ugly mug or something?

Pack 11: 

Adam Eaton #18
Yimi Garcia #98
10th Anniversary Full Sized Parallel 2011 Rafael Furcal (+3 Full Sized Buyback)
Starting Point Josh Reddick (+2 SP)
Mini A&G Back Brandon Belt (+2 A&G Back, +2 ANY Favorite Player)
Michael Brantley #311
Jeremy Roenick #269
Jacoby Ellsbury #152 (-1 Yankee Traitor)

Pack Total: +8

Running Total: +70

Alright, we ALMOST had a 10 point pack without a hit, and then that traitor Jacoby Ellsbury ruined it. BURN THE YANKEES!

Pack 12:

Brian McCann(ot be a Yankee anymore please) #114 (-1 Yankee)
Paul Goldschmidt #35
Buster (RIP I had a cat named Buster that died recently) Olney #34
Menagerie of the Mind: Hydra (+2 MOTM)
A&G Back Dustin Pedroia (+2 A&G Back)
Rusney Castillo Full Sized Relic (+6 Full Sized Relic)
Corey Kluber #117

Pack Total: +9

Running Total: +79

Oh look. Another nearly +10 point pack, spoiled by a damn Yankee. That's 3 consecutive packs with a Yankee. There is a mission in Borderlands 2 called "Eff Yo Couch". You complete it by jumping on all of the couches in a gang's hideout. I want to go jump on all of the Yankee's couches right now.

At least we got our first hit. Sort of. Half way through our box, and our project total is still hovering around that +160 mark. Yikes.

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