Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gint-A-Cuffs VII Episode 2: (The Yankee Menace)

So, it's only been... a month and 26 days since our last post. It's more like a sprint, than a marathon, really. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've got all the excuses covered. Massive home improvements, large research projects, weddings, school starting, football starting, blah blah blah blah. Well enough of that. This pack has actually been scored for one month and 25 days, I've just been too lazy to take pictures. So NYAAAH! I'm still pretty lazy and need to figure out a better way to take pictures, to be honest.

Previous Running Total: +37

Pack 5:


Kennys Vargas #189 (+1 MY favorite team)
Miguel Cabrera #187
Malcolm Gladwell #67
Mini Madison Bumgarner (+2 for ANY FP mini)
What Once Would Be Jetpacks (+2 WOWB Insert)
Ian Desmond #314
Rusney Castillo #154
Appollo Creed #56

Pack Total: +6

Well, six isn't bad. The 'ole Bumenstein there really saved the pack, so that's good, and you can't complain when a bad boy like Kennys Vargas shows up. I mean, the Twins are pretty decent this year, right? Right!?

Running Total: +42

Pack 6: 


Zack Greinke #199
Yadier Molina #17 (+2 ANY FP base card)
Joe Gatto #80
Mini Derek Norris #207
What Once Was Believed The Four Classical Elements (+2 WOWB Insert and longest name...)
Ben Zorbrist #321
Yasmany Tomas #148
Kolten Wong #21

Pack Total: +4

Aaaand we're going backwards in this pack. Not literally backwards, our total is still moving forward which is great. But four is a pretty weak score. I was hoping each pack would have a bajillion points. Seriously.

Running Total: +46

Pack 7:

Juan Lagares #130
Lakey Peterson #124
Marcell Ozuna #184
Marlon Byrd #137
Menagerie of the Mind Elf (+2 MotM Insert)
Mini Jon Singleton #39 A&G Back (+2 A&G Back mini)
Dallas Keuchel #320
Jonathan Papelbon #89

Pack Total: +4

You know what the best part of the Harry Potter series was? When Doby died. Oh dear, is that a spoiler? Well the little annoying bugger gets what he deserves. If you haven't read it by now, you weren't going to anyways. TL;DR - There is a house elf in Harry Potter that is annoying and he dies which is the highlight of the series.

Running Total: +50

Pack 8:

Clay Buchholz #168
Sonny Gray #256
Troy Tulowitzki #109
Ancient Armory Trident (+2 AA Insert)
Mini A World Beneath Our Feet Pennsylvania Firefly (+2 AWBOF Mini Insert)
Val Kilmer #328
Brian "The Friggin' MAN" Dozier (+1 MY Favorite Team and all-around general AWESOMENESS)
Eric Hosmer #7

Pack Total: +5

You know who should have been an All-Star Game Starter? Brian Dozier. You know who was also in this pack? Brian Dozier. The world needs more Brian Dozier.

Running Total: +55

Projected Total: +158 (YOWCH...)

Well, 7 points per pack isn't bad, considering we had a horrible box topper. Here's looking to the last two thirds of the box to boost the score!

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