Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day "7" - Recap

Good evening! I'm so glad you could join us for day "7" of our very first hobby box break! You'll notice the scare quotations because it's actually more like day 10 or 11, but we're only on pack 7.

This hobby box is meant to serve as a reward for a behavior modification program. I only get to open a pack if I exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. I was having some knee pain and it was a little cold to go swimming, hence the few days of rest. But, my wife and I went on a nice brisk walk this evening and that qualifies!

Here we go!

Pack 7:

Base Card #120 - Adrian Gonzalez

Base Card #245 - Brian McCann

Base Card #256 - Howie Kendrick

Base Card #277 - Hank Cogner

Base Card #327 - David DeJesus (Short Print)

Ginter Code Card #350 - Joe Mauer (Short Print)

World's Most Mysterious Figures #4 - Fulcanelli

Floating Fortresses #6 - HMS Indefatigable

I love Floating Fortresses. I really do. Probably because I have this thing for warships. Just saying.

Huzzah! Also, a Joe Mauer code card! Very nice. Too bad I'm not really trying to figure out the code. I have a few ideas, but nowhere near the resources necessary to pursue it.

Check in tomorrow for another pack, and if not have a safe weekend!

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