Friday, September 9, 2011

Days 13, 14, 15 - Recap

So GLAD you could join us for this evening's Ginter Godfather Hobby Box Break Recap! My sincerest apologies for the delay, some things regarding work and a certain MASSIVE power outage in a certain part of the country may have contributed to the fact that I couldn't update you all.

So! I am pleased to say we FINALLY GOT A HIT! It's not as big as I was hoping it would be, but a hit is a hit! So! Without further adieu:

Pack 13:

Base Card #15 - Diana Taurasi

Base Card #55 - Dustin Pedroia

Base Card #62 - Alfonso Soriano

Base Card #198 - Freddie Freeman

Base Card #205 - Kendrys Morales

Base Card #325 - Mike Stanton (Short Print)

Step Right Up Mini #6 - Human Blockhead

Hometown Heroes #80 - Cliff Lee

A solid pack with a short print and an insert mini!

Pack 14:

Ginter Code Base Card #26 - Edwin Jackson

Base Card #67 - Delmon Young (At least he's in a Twins Uniform!)

Base Card #110 - Jake McGee

Base Card #118 - Rafael Soriano

Base Card #254 - Denard Span (WOOHOO! A Twin AND my FAVORITE PLAYER!)

Base Card #309 - Kurt Suzuki (Short Print)

Animals in Peril #7 - Dhole

Floating Fortresses #11 - Lave

Probably the best pack in the box so far! TWO Twins, one of them my favorite player, a short print, a mini insert, and a Floating Fortress, even if the ship depicted is French and only goes 4 knots.

Pack 15:

Base Card #83 - Mat Hoffman

Base Card #129 - Kelly Johnson

Base Card #237 - Carlos Quentin

Ascent of Man #26 - Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Modern Man)

Base Mini Card #45 - Annika Sorenstam (Scha-wing!)

Hometown Heroes #23 - Dustin Pedroia

... and... drum roll please...

Framed Mini-Relic AGR-JLD - Jed Lowrie of the Boston Red Sox!

Excellent! Our first hit of the box! 2 more to find in 9 packs!

Tune in tomorrow to see if we strike gold!

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