Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Ginter Project: 11/06 Update

Greetings Mafia,

As promised I have an update for you. Keep in mind that I technically started this on the 1st of November, so these numbers are not indicative of a single evening of effortless collecting.

Current Project Assets:

74 MyCokeRewards points (40 points are redeemable for a free 20 oz Coke beverage...)
2 Facebook Flavor Codes (Redeemable for Facebook Credits? Don't know much about these.)
24 Mt. Dew Codes (Unlikely anything will come of these, but it's worth a shot)
16 cans/bottles ($.05 apiece. $0.80 once redeemed)

Not bad. Will keep this place posted of any updates as I get them.

Oh, and keep it in the family.

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