Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ginter Project Update - 11/08/2013

Greetings Mafia,

Figured I'd offer up a little pre-weekend update on the project. Been making some progress this week and I'm feeling pretty good about the overall progress. No actual physical cards yet, but we have our first actual contribution that is... dare I say it, real!? Yes. We have successfully taken off from nothing to actually having *something*.

Here's the haul --

86 MyCoke Rewards Points (Could redeem for 2 free 20 oz bottles of soda/Powerade/whatever)
41 Mt. Dew Codes (I estimate I'll need between 300 and 500 to actually get anything out of these, but they're fairly plentiful and the bounty is... bountiful. XBox One, anyone?)
2 Facebook Flavor Codes (I had 3, auctioned 1 off on Listia for 100 credits)
2141 Listia Credits (Will be looking to snag some free cards off of this site, and use various codes and whatnot to fuel it)
9 cans/bottles (Should be more, but I've been tossing several in the recycling so I could maintain my dignity... have to abide by the rules!)

Ginter Project Funds: $1.40

Yep. A buck forty. Redeemed a box of cans and bottles at a nickel apiece. Twenty eight of the suckers later and I've almost got a dollar and a half. Not enough to even mail a bubble mailer, but a Master Ginter Set was never built in a day. Unless you're Brentandbecca.

I'll conclude by pointing out that if you're interested in anything in the Ginter Project at any point and want to barter/trade/swap, drop me an e-mail or a comment and I'll get in touch. I expect this to be a bit more legitimate when I get cards, but if you're sitting there with a parched throat going, "Man, I could really use an ice cold Coca-Cola three weeks from now, but all I have is this Yasiel Puig Rookie Card." I'm you're man.

As always, keep it in the family.


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