Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 16 - Recap

Good afternoon! Glad you could join us! I have some special treats for you today!

We'll get right to the pack and then the special treat!

Pack 16:

Base Card #16 - Gordon Beckham

Base Card #50 - Carl Crawford

Base Card #93 - Evan Lysacek

Base Card #132 - Colby Rasmus

Base Card #187 - Jim Nantz

Base Card #292 - Wade Davis

Mini Base Card #293 - Royal Wedding

Hometown Heroes #74 - Jayson Werth

Not terrible, nothing to write home about either.

This, however... is a winner. Featuring our first Mail Day Saturday:

Straight from PressPass headquarters, it's a 2011 Saturday Signatures Akeem Ayers serialized out of 99. A solid redemption card! Now only if it were a baseball card!

A quick word on redemption cards... some people hate them. I, however, am a huge fan. Because not only do you get to enjoy opening the pack and finding a hit, but then you get to enjoy that sensation AGAIN when you get the actual card in the mail. It's awesome. Hell, I'd even be a fan if they sent me a redemption card again so I could do it three times. Any more than that and it would be annoying, though.

That's it for today, see you tomorrow!

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