Monday, July 14, 2014

Pre-Gint-a-Cuffs Bout Thoughts

Greetings Mafia,

I hope you've all recovered from your pack ripping hangovers. I know I haven't, but I like to be drunk on the smell of fresh Ginter wax about 360 days out of the year. Those other 5 days are the ones leading up to the following year's release to detox from the aging Ginter. While Topps Allen and Ginter is like a fine wine and gets better with age, in order to properly enjoy the new vintage one must cleanse the palate and mind.

Unless there are discounted blasters on sale for $12 a pop at Target. In which case all bets are off.

I figured I'd come to you with an update for Gint-A-Cuffs VI and a few thoughts I've been having.

1) Favorite Player and Teams have been opened for declaration. Some of the contestants' declarations are obviously no surprise. I mentioned an earth-shattering announcement. Announcing the Ginter Godfather's Favorite Player for Gint-A-Cuffs VI... Buffy the Yankeevampire Slayer's very own...


You're probably going "Big whoop, whatever, GiGo, you suck at math, you're going to lose for sure." Maybe. BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT GET EXCITED OVER THAT FACE!? Besides, I'll pull a Felicia Day auto, a Felicia Day relic, a Felicia Day base card, a Felicia Day glossy 1/1, a Felicia Day mini, a Felicia Day A&G back mini, a Felicia Day black bordered mini, a Felicia Day A&G flag back mini, and a Felicia Day wood 1/1 mini, and who will be laughing then? Myself and my army of Felicia Day cards as we set up an epic campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, thats who.

OK, so I realize the unliklihood of ACTUALLY pulling a full sized Felicia Day out of my box of Ginter, but if they miniaturized her, then hey, anything is possible, right?

Also, my declared Favorite Team is the Washington Nationals.

2) Production is down, hits will be up. Big, big hits are bound to result in some of the highest Gint-A-Cuff scores ever seen.

I'm not talking about necessarily having people pull DNA relics or cut autos (though I wouldn't put it out of the question...) but with roughly 1:6 boxes having a RIP card, and in general the hits and rarer cards being more plentiful due to fewer boxes for them to hide in, people are going to be hitting some GREAT stuff in their boxes. I can't recall how many RIP cards we saw pulled last year, but I'd say at least double that. I pity the people like myself whom are doomed to have a below-average box... I mean, that other Ginter Godfather guy who is going to continue to have below-average boxes. Not this one, no siree, nothing but blue skies, RIP cards and 1/1's abound for this guy!

3) I've already seen what was pulled out of most of the case my allocated Gint-A-Cuffs box was from. Derek Jeter RIP Card 1/25 (not pulled by me, of course), red ink auto of Danielle Kang, red bordered minis box topper pack, Urban Fauna, and possibly either another RIP card or a Double RIP card. At any rate, it is NOT looking too good for the GiGo this year. Ah well, never say never!

As always, keep it in the family.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 2014 Ginter Hangover Day

Well, I got so drunk on ripping Ginter that this post has to come a day late...

Greetings Mafia,

2014 Ginter is upon us, and of course that means Gint-A-Cuffs. I have a unique and possibly never-before-done move that will simply STUN the Gint-A-Cuffs universe, assuming the Commisioner OK's it. The $5 he's going to find in his lunch sack says he'll be fine with it.

Now, don't worry. This isn't going to give me any sort of unfair advantage. In fact, I am purposefully tying a hand behind my back (so to speak). However, desperate times call for desperate measures. There is almost no upside and I'm dumb for doing it, but who has several people's thumbs and doesn't care? This guy.

This year's set is great. Production is down about 40%. Things are easier to hit all around, there are some interesting new additions (some good, some bad), and all around it is a great product once again. I love the design, I love what they've done with the inserts and minis, the Pastime's Pastimes are fantastic looking in black... needless to say, resisting the urge to open this sealed box designated for Gint-A-Cuffs is going to be... taxing. Possibly on my wallet. Because I want to open it and every other box of Ginter within a 12,000 mile radius. I'll leave you with a quick list of loves and hates for this year's Ginter. As always, keep it in the family.

-Ginter Godfather

2014 Ginter LOVES:

-Felicia Day. Duh.
-Plentiful RIP cards (never pulled one myself, REALLY hoping to. This year is the year, I think... c'mon double RIP card!)
-Framed mini relics fall roughly 2 per case. They are SCARCE. Will help their value tremendously.
-Snoop Lion/Dogg. Fo' shizzle.
-Metal minis. I haven't seen one in person, and probably won't. But, it's a mini and therefore I must love it.
-Box toppers. They're smaller, so they are easier to store/display. They look AWESOME. I love the cabinet cards and the cabinet-sized cards. Nothing like having a GIANT CARD OF YASIEL PUIG.
-Gold retail minis. They're baaaack!
-Distribution of hits. The way they fall, ROUGHLY 5:6 boxes will have only 2 relics. Odds are very good to get an autograph, printing plate, or RIP card. GOOD JOB TOPPS!

2014 Ginter HATES:

-Urban Fauna #2. It's a cockroach. I hate cockroaches. They give me nightmares. For real.
-Gold retail minis. Doing the math, ONE set requires over $1000 of retail to be bought. That's with perfect collation. It's crazy... like a fox! With parasites.
-Full-sized Relics. 2 per box! Not even sure it is possible to NOT get 2 relics. Last year I saw a box opened that had a relic, an auto, and a RIP card. I want a box like that.
-Carlos Gomez card #231. You open 4 boxes, you'd expect to complete the main set 1-300. Yeah, Carlos decided to steal 2nd, 3rd, and home in one go and made it out of all of my boxes. He better be hiding in the Gint-A-Cuffs box or there might be a hit squad out on him.
-"SP" Minis. Yeah, no secret here. They aren't SP'd. Think about it. Odds are 1:10. So at least 2 per box, sometimes 3. At 12 boxes per case, you're looking at about 2 cases with perfect collation to complete the set. We'll call it 3 for good measure and you really should have most of them. After you factor out the insert minis (falling 1:5, so about 4 or 5 per box), and the A&G and Black Bordered minis, you end up with, on average, 12 base minis per box. 12 boxes per case, 144 base minis per case. At 300 of them, you're going to need at LEAST 3 boxes with amazing collation to put together one set, with it being more likely to need 5 or 6 based on the sheer number and impossibility of amazing collation. Just a little food for thought!
-"SP" base. I'd like to see these go from 1:2 to at least 1:6, maybe as rare as 1:12. Let's make "Short-Print" *really* mean something. Or, split it. 301-325 inserted 1:6, 326-350 are SSP at 1:24. Something like that. Just a thought!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 is almost here...

Greetings Ginter Mafia,

Once again we are faced with the second most exciting time of the year -- the annual release of the single greatest baseball card product to be produced ever. 2014 Topps Allen and Ginter is primed for release early in July, and we're right around six weeks out from release. Exciting.

You may ask what the single most exciting time of the year is. That's a dumb question. I know there are "no dumb questions" but come on, if Ginter Release is the second greatest day of the year, Gint-A-Cuffs is the single most exciting time of the year. And that's more of a season than a single day. So there you have it.

As for this year, you can be dang sure I'll be throwing down and cuffing it up with the rest of the folks to make up for my last-place finish from last year. Yeah. We'll shoot for something better than last place. Hah!

It's a mad scramble around here as I try and put together all of my sets and organize my collection for a move, document needs and try and get a few trades done, as well as pare down the collection to free up space and a small amount of capital for... yep, 2014 Ginter. I'm pulling out most of the stops and tapping my usual funding sources for my Ginter addiction this year, as well as adding a few extra. Can you say metal detecting? So far I'm up $0.09 from the playground I scoured. It would be a full dime, but there was a small child who pestered me endlessly and I let her keep the penny she found. I'm not THAT cold and heartless.

Happy hunting and stay tuned. And as always, keep it in the family.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Years! 2014 Goals

Happy New Years Ginter Mafia!

I figured it was worth making a few goals, and the only real way to do that is to put them down on paper. Er, electronic paper. I'll try and keep updating to see how things are progressing, maybe once every few months.

Goal 1) Win 6 contests.

Those that know me, know that I love free stuff. The one free thing that I love most is free cards. I did pretty well last year, winning several contests from Panini and even one from Beckett. This year, we're shooting for six total contest wins. That's one per two months. Not a lot of control over this, per se, other than entering as many as I can. It'll be fun. Oh, and it helps that I've already got the first one under my belt -- nabbed a #PaniniWildCard win during the Chargers/Bengals game on Twitter this afternoon!

Goal 2) Win Gint-A-Cuffs

Yeah, after last year's embarrassing (albeit 'successful'?) showing, this year we're going to shoot for the best showing ever. Oh, and I have to beat my wife. At Gint-A-Cuffs, you naughty people!

Goal 3) Complete my base, inserts, and mini sets of 2011, 2012, and 2013 Ginter.

Ambitious, so say the least. I have a lot of progress to go, but I think we can get her done, and if not make some serious progress.

Goal 4) Pull my first non-printing plate 1/1

Yeah, this is entirely luck based, but it is inevitable!

Goal 5) Complete 120 trades

That's 10 a month. Easy day.

Goal 6) Pay it forward at least 3 times.

Exactly what it says.

Goal 7) Trade up/buy/whatever to an unripped RIP card via the Ginter Project

I think 7 goals is a good start. I'll probably add to it later, but wanted to get something started.

As always, keep it in the family.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wishing you a Pleasant Non-Pigmented Winter Solstice Event!

Happy Every Holiday from the Ginter Godfather!

I know it's been a little while, things have been hectic at work and the birth of the newest member of the Ginter Family has had the Godfather a little busy. It's alright, we haven't had any spitup, vomit, slobber, or other bodily fluids get on any cards, yet, so we're doing something right!

Just wanted to drop a quick update on the Ginter Project:

MyCoke Rewards Points: 153
Mt. Dew Haul: 1-month XBox Live Gold Membership x2 (estimated value is around $5 each? Not terrible for free...)
Listia Credits: 3215
Unredeemed Bottles: 21
SwagBucks: 450 (Enough for a $5 Amazon Giftcard)
Cash on Hand: $4.10

Cardboard on Hand for Trade:

2004 Topps Cracker Jack 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' #TB-TG Troy Glaus Jersey Card

2004 Topps Cracker Jack 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' #TB-IR Ivan Rodriguez Bat Card

2007 Topps Turkey Red #TRR-CR Chris Ray Jersey Card
So, that's what we've got to deal with. As part of a lot of jersey cards I won off of Listia for 6000 credits, I also nabbed 4 Allen and Ginter relic cards that I've added to the "Ginter Project Success Wall" if you will. They are:

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGR-PL Paul LoDuca Jersey Card

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGR-DW Dontrelle Willis Jersey Card

2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGR-CP Corey Patterson Bat Card

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGR-MPR Martin Prado Jersey Card

Hey, you know, everyone starts somewhere!

In other news, I won my Fantasy Football League that was hosted by my LCS owner. I opted to split the prize money to reduce stress with the guy I was playing with. We pooled the money for 1st and 2nd and bought 4 boxes of cards from the LCS and did a snake draft, with the winner choosing first. We opened 3 boxes of Leaf Sports Heroes and 1 box of Allen and Ginter. The Ginter yielded a Jason Heyward RIP Card #/50, a Tommy Lee Autograph, a Neil Walker relic, and a Krissy Teigan bats back mini #/25. Using my superior draft powers, I took the RIP card first, and the Tommy Lee auto fell to my opponent as his 2nd pick, 3rd overall. I finished up wit hthe Teigan mini and the Walker relic, so it was a good haul. I also was gifted the base cards and minis and the boxloader as part of my champion's edge (the other guy isn't a set collector, so he's happy with the Tommy Lee auto anyways). A good haul, and by far the best box I have opened of Ginter EVER.

Have a great New Years, I've got some good things planned for this blog, including a few contests to try and bolster readership, as well as a few goals/resolutions for collecting. Gotta have those!

As always, keep it in the family!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Ginter Project - Mid-November Update

Greetings Mafia,

I do apologize for my absence. It is sometimes required of me to travel, which I had to do earlier this week. I'm back and have resumed the Ginter Project. I lost Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for collecting, so I feel as though I am a little behind. It happens. To help make up for it, we did visit the bottle redemption room. Lets take a look at what we have:

MyCoke Rewards Points: 117 (Almost at that 3rd 20 oz beverage coupon!)
Mt. Dew Codes: 61
Flavor Codes: 1 (holding off on auctioning it on Listia for now)
Listia Credits: 9114 (should be enough to nab a free card or two to start the cardboard part of the stash)
Unredeemed Bottles: 0
SwagBucks: 450 (Enough for a $5 Amazon Giftcard)

Cash on Hand: $2.75

I'm really very pleased so far with our progress. Again, we started with nothing and have roughly $10 in the kitty. I'll need to start focusing a little more on consolidation and advancing the actual goal.

In other news, I barely missed out on a 2013 Allen & Ginter Bill Buckner autograph from Listia this weekend. Just more motivation to amass more credits so other opportunities don't slip through our fingers again.

Until next time. Oh, and keep it in the family.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day + Ginter Project Update

Greetings Mafia!

Happy Veterans Day to you all and thank you to all of our nation's veterans for their service!

I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting a Ginter Project Update, so I'll get down to it:

MyCokeRewards Points: 92
Mt. Dew Codes: 45
Flavor Codes: 2 (1 up for auction on Listia with a bid of 100 credits)
Listia Credits: 2236
Unredeemed Bottles: 18

Cash on Hand: $1.40

Weekends appear to be pretty slow for bottle caps and bottles. Unfortunately I go into my off days now, so it's a double hit to production. Oh well. Will have to overcome and adapt.

Again, thank you veterans!

As always, keep it in the family.